Cure For Bare Walls, Inc. is a modern and contemporary online art boutique exclusively showcasing the artistic creations of LaTanya Renee. Our art is created to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to dream big. The bulk of our works are abstracts. We’ve been creating fine art on canvas since 2007 and have been in business since February 2011 formerly as Art by LaTanya Renee, Inc.

Our chosen medium is acrylic on canvas, but we also work with some mixed media. Our offerings include original paintings, digital art, and embellished prints. We pride ourselves on staying true to our “Dream Big” movement by producing high quality art that will last for years to come. Our blog and “Painting Your Future” video series contribute to this mission.

Each canvas we use to create original art is selected with care, as most are handmade in the USA.

Every work of art purchased from our studio will accompany a Certificate of Authenticity and LaTanya Renee’s signature. Prints or limited editions are numbered, and may be signed on either the back or the front. Our goal is to create exceptional artwork and stunning conversation pieces so your investment will last for decades to come.

Cure For Bare Walls also offers free recommendations to both commercial and residential clients. Our work has been placed in businesses in the Atlanta area and homes throughout the USA. We pride ourselves on excellence and reliable customer service.

Services Provided

•  Art Commissions (Custom Work)
•  Art Framing
•  Art Direction (design projects)
•  Art Display (for businesses)

About The Artist

I’m a native of Detroit, MI and since 2000 I’ve called Atlanta, GA my home. I am a self-taught professional working artist.  The start of my artistic expression began in 1993 when I learned to design art on acrylic nails. I then worked as a professional nail-technician from 1995-2001.

During my days as a nail-tech I always told myself that one day I’d try painting on a canvas—this finally happened in 2007. Though I worked on my other creative businesses over the years, I dibbled and dabbled a bit with art but never took being an artist seriously. I didn’t realize I had the artistic ability to paint passionately on canvas until late 2010. I then launched in April 2011.

I describe my art as modern, conversational, emotionally driven, inspiring, and expressive. While losing myself in a blank canvas the colors can range from calm neutrals to a bold color palette. Art allows me to express my thoughts and the world as I see it. I strive to create art with meaning and feeling in which you “the collector” can relate too and enjoy in your space for years to come.

My art can be described as a stunning awakening to the visual senses. But they are created to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to Dream Big.