Various options are available for businesses to acquire and display art not matter the size of your operation. We offer custom commissions, leasing, and short-term rentals. The package that best suits your organization will be based on your needs, goals, and budget. Our packages are great for offices, salons, staged homes, television, film, and video shoots.

Art Rentals

Rentals are for commercial clients needing art for 90 days or less. Daily, weekly, and monthly rentals are available for in stock inventory only with an option to renew.

Art Leasing (Inventoried Art)

Leasing terms start at six months and go up to 24 months. You will have an option to own the art at the end of the term.

Art Leasing (Custom Work)

A minimum of 12 months are required for this option. A custom option is available for leasing based on 5 handpicked styles and common neutral colors. If you decide not to purchase the work after terms expire the art can be easily placed back in inventory for purchases. Custom work with non-universal colors must be purchased with standard commission terms and cannot be leased.


•  Reasonable Setup Costs
•  Display Original Works for a Fraction of the Cost
•  Free up Monthly Cash Flow
•  Automated Payments
•  Tryout Different Works of Art

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